Drawing inspiration from the family values and drawing strength from the diverse background from which we come, we work together to ensure our projects live up to the aspirations of our family

Meet our team

We love talent and hugely respect the people who painstakingly apply their talent to create artwork that enriches our lives. We work together to promote their art and their stories.

George P Kurian
Group Mentor

A first rank Honors degree holder in Mathematics, he is particular about mathematical precision and perfection in everything he does. He sees and appreciates talent and skill, wherever he finds it. He admires beautiful work irrespective of the status of the creator. He is a guiding force in following quality and perfection in work.

Biju George
Managing Director

He spent close to 25 years in the IT industry, delivering IT solutions to customers around the globe. A designer at heart and an engineering graduate who uses his designing talent and engineering principles in everyday life. An ardent traveller and a keen observer who enjoys diversity around the world. Though he was in the technical world during the early part of his professional career, personally he has always been pursuing his other interests of being close to nature, appreciating art and just being with people. He carries a perfect blend of management, design, technology and people skills.

Betsy George

Attention to detail and no compromise to excellence has been the qualities with which Betsy goes through every activity in her life. That has helped Betsy to come out of her academic institutions in flying colours and ended up with a Phd in Computer Science from University of Minnesota. The excellent artist in her is on full display through her baking sessions, craft works, and home decor. She extends her artistic skills into deciding the companies' product range. She observes people around her, draws inspiration from the positive aspects she sees in them, and looks into how to apply that to our business. A keen observer of world affairs, she looks into the marketability of products and services in international market.

Rakkee Thimothy

A social scientist, a PhD in economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Rakkee is a keen observer of society and social change. Her professional career spanning more than 15 years has convinced her the need to empower individuals for the social upliftment of society. A perfectionist by nature, she has taken up the task of empowering people in communities with which we work, by urging them to excel in their craft/skills. She has a natural interest in artwork and quality crafts. Rakkee explore ways to adapt traditional craft to contemporary homes to make it more appealing to the millennials. She looks after the aesthetics of products and services across projects.