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Mathematics Classes for the needy under Anyonyam

Introducing personalised assistance for needy students, in learning Mathematics.

Bamboo magic from Adimali

Tribal community in Adimali, under the guidance of Green Fibre Bamboo Craft

Vadayar potters makes clay home décor

We are used to the earthern pots we use in kitchen, made by potters.

Home décor that is earth friendly

At Graamyam, we take lessons from nature to design our products.

Killimangalam Mats launches Yoga mats made of Cora Grass.

Cora Grass is known to give a cooling effect on body. You can sweat it out on these natural

Kuthampully Weavers introduces colourful Dupattas

Kuthampully weavers known for their beautiful traditional handloom sarees